Workshops: 2020 Winter Convergence - NYC

2020 Workshop Program 

Propose a Workshop

To propose a specific workshop for the upcoming 2020 Winter Convergence, consider the goals and criteria below.  Then, fill out this Workshop Proposal Form. Deadline for workshop proposals is December 20, 2020.

    Goals of PMN Workshops

    • Sustain diverse traditions of music for progressive social change.
    • Help artists develop skills in musicality, songwriting, and/or music promotion.
    • Help activists and artists integrate music into social justice struggles effectively.
    • Provide space for sharing and enjoying socially and politically poignant music.

    Criteria for Selecting Workshops

    We're planning a workshop program in which all break out sessions will do these things:

    1. Make clear what music and cultural work can accomplish in the context of current day movements for peace and justice.
    2. Exhibit a collaborative form of leadership within the workshop itself in order to incubate future collaborations outside of the gathering, spread the shine among a diverse range of attending artists, and set a tone of active participation. We ask that all participants bring their shine to this gathering while also being open to what other participants have to offer as well.
    3. Represent the full geographical breadth of the People's Music Network. 

    Workshop Listings and Video Highlights from Past Gatherings

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    NYC Local PMN Gathering – October 16, 2016

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    Summer Gathering (High Falls, NY) – June 2014

    Winter Gathering (New York, NY) – January 2014

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