6/9/2020: From PMN/SFS Steering Committee: The People's Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle stands in solidarity with movements demanding justice for Black people and all communities of color.  We condemn ongoing racist police violence and political repression.  PMN's mission is to sustain and grow a diverse community of performing artists, activists, and allies who use music, poetry, and other art forms as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.  We pledge to mobilize PMN members to amplify these movements’ messages through music, to highlight artists of color within our Network, and to recommit ourselves to building movements for racial justice.

PMN hosts weekly online programs that advance our mission, including online song and poetry swaps, educational workshops, and other participatory activities. See below for Upcoming Online Events.

PMN's Upcoming Online Events

PMN Fall Convergence

Saturday, October 24, 2020 

If health threats posed by Covid-19 are resolved, this event will feature a full day of in-person workshops, networking, music sharing, shared meals, open mic, and workshops.  Takes place at The People's Forum in NYC.  If health threats are not resolved, we will plan online programs instead. 

Featured Videos

Watch Video from the Friday Night Concert at the 2019 PMN Winter Gathering. 

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