Benefits and Responsibilities of PMN Membership

PMN members participate in and contribute to a diverse community of singers, artists, activists and allies that cultivates music and cultural work as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.  Regardless of the dues rate a member pays, membership in PMN is individual and all members have the same basic rights and responsibilities.

PMN Member Benefits

Free registration for most online events

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, PMN events have gone online.  In most cases, you may register for these events for free once you have a member log in through our website. 

Post a member profile on the PMN website

You choose the information to display to the public.  You can specify other information to display only to PMN members.  Info may include your contact information, brief biography, areas of interests and expertise, web site, social media links, and more.  Members may choose to be listed in our publicly viewable Directory of Artists and Activists Available for Hire.  Social movement organizations and venue operators around the country will be able to find your public profile simply by visiting the PMN website!

Receive member discounts on events with registration fees

Traditionally, PMN has held national gatherings twice each year during the summer and winter.  We look forward to doing this in a future where the Covid-19 Pandemic has been contained.  Gatherings are a great way to network with other members, participate in workshops, attend concerts, and share music, contacts and skills.

Access to member-only discussion forums

PMN members have access to several special interest discussion forums. Most of them are viewable only by PMN members. If you don't see a forum that interests you, we can set one up for you and share it with other members. If you like, you can take responsibility for the smooth running of your special forum. These forums are useful for building energy around your special interests, spreading the word about your activities, finding opportunities to perform or work, and more. It is a great way to network when it is not possible for us all to be in the same place at the same time.

Member Notes
Members can post information on the web site to share with other members and the general public in a member blog. This is a great way to share your special interest in and knowledge of topics that may be of interest to other PMN members and the general public.

Vote in the Annual Winter Meeting

During the last weekend in January, PMN holds a winter gathering in various cities around the country. This is where the membership elects a steering committee, and where it may vote on other substantive matters such as changes to the bylaws. Active PMN members have the right to vote at the Community Meeting.

PMN Member Responsibilities

  • Maintain a current member profile on the People’s Music Network website.
  • Pay annual dues on the anniversary of your membership application, based on what you can afford. (You can make this process  automatic by choosing one the "auto-renew" options for your membership.  This saves everyone time while stabilizing PMN's income stream for the long term.  We greatly appreciate your support!

PMN Members are encouraged to:

  • Participate in regional gatherings, local song swaps, benefit concerts, sub-committees, and/or the Community Meeting that takes place twice a year at the January and June Gatherings.
  • Help PMN promote collaborative online events through their own social media accounts.
  • Share skills and knowledge within the Network in ways that help to develop the craft of using music as an effective tool for social change.  This can include organizing an educational workshop to be presented over zoom.
  • Recruit potential new PMN members.
  • Serve as a liaison with organizations that are allied with PMN’s mission and help to identify areas of common purpose.
  • Highlight your membership in People’s Music Network in the artist bio that you provide to hosts of your performances.

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