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Videos from PMN Winter Convergence, 2021

    • PMN Winter Concert – Frankie Lopez, Kim Harris, Hot Glue & the Gun, G. Allard, M. Braven, L. Gilmore
    • Opening Ceremony
    • 1A. Zoom Techniques for Choirs and Small Ensembles – Anne Goodwin, Nick Page, Jan Maier
    • 1B. Introduction to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Digital Recording – Steve Deasy, Dilson Hernandez
    • 1C. Making Musical Video Collages – Karen Brooks, John Fisher, Cesar Barros, Josh Feintuch, Paul Kaplan
    • 2A. Social Justice Choirs During the Pandemic and Beyond – Penny Stone, Elise Bryant, Annie Levin, Josh Feintuch, Savitri D
    • 2B. Music of the Spirit: Black Spirituality – Lindsey Wilson, Kim Harris, Gary Allard, Lea Gilmore
    • 2C. Singing Together Online with Low Latency (Low Time Lag) – David Tarlo, Laurie Siegel, Chris Chafe (Jacktrip), Alex Carôt (Soundjack), Jessie Chappell (Sonobus)
    • 3A. Planetary Survival & Communal Singing – Annie Patterson, Melanie DeMore, Lea Gilmore, Jane Sapp, Aileen Vance, Emma’s Revolution, Peter Blood
    • 3B. Fight the Power! A Timeline of Political Songs in Hip Hop History – Dilson Hernandez
    • 3C. Driveway Choirs: Singing together Safely With Zero Latency (Zero Time Lag) – Bryce Denney, Kathryn Denney, Sandi Gubin
    • Round Robin Sing Around
    • PMN Membership Meeting & Closing

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