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A listserv is an e-mail based discussion group. When you subscribe to a listserv, you can send and receive e-mail to everyone who has subscribed. Subscribers can adjust the frequency they receive e-mail from the group, and of course they can turn off all e-mail or unsubscribe at any time.

The PeoplesMusic listserve discussion group is where politically progressive musicians in the US and beyond share song lyrics, discuss political and aesthetic questions, post information, and share opportunities for contributing to the world through music. Feminist, labor, environmentalist and peace activists, children’s musicians, academics in related disciplines, publishers, producers of events, record labels, reviewers, DJs, and fans/consumers are all welcome.

Our PeoplesMusic listserv has been implemented based upon Yahoo Groups. You do not have to be a member of PMN to join the group, however you must create a Yahoo ID (if you don't already have one). Use the following link to subscribe or unsubscribe from the PMN PeoplesMusic discussion group. Then click on the “Join this Group” link.

Group Email Guidelines

To keep the discussions helpful, well organized, and constructive, please follow these guidelines when posting:

      • Try to keep the length of posts brief and the tone positive.
      • Keep the focus on how music can inspire and energize the movement for progressive change. Posts concerning events in the news and political analysis should include a clear explanation of how it relates to our music.
      • If you disagree with something said in a post, consider responding to the individual off list (the email addresses of those posting are included in the post. Just hit reply, delete the group email address and paste in the individual’s address). If you think the whole group could benefit from a debate on an issue, please express your point of view while adhering to point #1 above. It is imperative to refrain from personal attacks while debating issues of substance.
      • If you have something to say that is not directly related to an existing thread, create a new post rather than changing the focus of the existing thread.

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