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Summer Gathering 2018: Youth Creative Convergence

Our movements for social change need to be intergenerational! The Youth Creative Convergence holds a space within the People's Music Network Gathering where youth make art often in collaboration with elders in the community.

This year’s Youth Creative Convergence is a unique opportunity for kids, youth and caregivers to come together around creative arts and social/environmental justice.  From theatre to juggling to making upcycled instruments, you’ll be amazed and invigorated by the end of this gathering.  

Any questions can be directed to Jayme or Tony at youthcreativeconvergence@gmail.com

Or, if it is time sensitive, please do not hesitate to call 413-320-6870

With 5 kids between 4 and 13, going to a conference can be a gamble. But the People's Music Network Gathering had something for every member of my family! All my kids loved the Youth Creative Convergence part of the event, and I was able to focus on the workshop sessions. What stood out for me was that my kids and I were able to share the same conference, with shared values and interests, but each in our own way.

PMN gatherings are great fun! You connect with like-minded people and spend meaningful time together - both kids and grown-ups!

- Jennifer Rau, Amherst, MA

Workshop descriptions:

Watch for full workshop descriptions in May 2018!

Call for Proposals

Proposal Submission Deadline: April 21, 2018

We are looking for workshop offerings for the 2018 Youth Creative Convergence (YCC) at the PMN Summer Gathering! Contact Jay Winell to submit proposals (purplejayme@gmail.com). Please include:

  • A description of the workshop/playshop
  • What ages you would prefer to work with (all ages is fun too!)
  • A short bio
  • Any A/V needs
  • If you will need a volunteer helper

The YCC is a mini-conference within the PMN Gathering, specifically geared toward kids, teens, and friendly grown-ups. It is a chance to connect around creative projects that promote social and environmental justice.

The program will include childcare offerings and “playshops,” plus a series of workshops specifically designed to inspire and equip teens to address a range of problems creatively!

We encourage ALL TYPES of PMN related workshops! The YCC will coincide with the scheduling for the rest of the gathering, using 30 and 60 minute time allotments for activities.

Examples of Workshops we hope people will propose include: singing, telling stories, sitting & listening, playing instruments, making messes, moving around, playing games, writing songs, playing theater games, and making skits.

Goals from the Youth Creative Convergence Organizers:

  • Interact and Generate:Participants are invited to create, co-create and improvise with each other.
  • Pass the Torch & People’s History:We share parts of the many histories of artful resistance that inspire us. We engage with the social justice questions of today and consider creative responses. Ideas from youth are celebrated and youth leadership is taken seriously.
  • Lead by Example & Share from Your Heart:Workshop leaders, organizers and performers show generosity and integrity through their offerings.

Jay Winell and Tonez Hall, YCC Co-Organizers

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