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Summer Gathering 2018: Sales Table

General Guidelines

If you want to sell merchandise at the PMN Winter Gathering, please sign up for a one-hour shift at the sales table sometime during the 3-day weekend. For questions, please contact the sales table coordinator.

The table will be open and needs coverage at the following times:

Sat: 9am—1pm, 2pm—5pm, 6pm-7pm.

Sunday: 10:30am—1:30pm.

When you arrive at the gathering, check in with the sales table coordinator who will help to fill out the schedule and place it near the sales table as a reference and reminder.

Other than a $3 service fee (see below) PMN does not charge a sales commission for music: CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, songbooks, sheet music. If you want to sell items such as instruments, supplies, buttons, posters, postcards, and T-shirts, you must make separate arrangements with the sales table coordinator, and you will be charged either a commission or a table rental fee.

If you plan to sell merchandize during the gathering, please familiarize yourself with the steps in the remaining sections of this page.


Determine the price for items to be sold. Use whole dollar amounts only – no cents, please. Please bring stickers and/or post-its to be used as labels.

If an item does not have your name on it, please use a removable adhesive label with your name so we know who should get the money.

Fill out an envelope with your name written clearly; write the quantity of each item. Please limit yourself to 10 of each item. You can keep extra items underneath the table and add to it as needed by changing the inventory quantity on your envelope.

Put your envelope into the envelope box in alphabetical order.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for a shift at the sales. This is in addition to your regular work shift during the gathering.

Pay $3 into the envelope marked BANK. This envelope should be filed in the very front of the box.

Do not swap or give away items from the table. Doing so will invalidate your inventory. If you need to add items to the table, change the envelope inventory by adding the number you are putting on table.

Running the Table

Ideally, there should be two people running the sales table at any time. One person accepts money for the items sold. The other person gives change if needed.

Accept only exact amounts and place it directly into the proper envelope. If customers don’t have the exact amount, send them to bank. Don’t make change out of other people’s envelopes.

Closing Out

Please close out during sales table hours. Tell a table staff person that you are closing out. They will count the money in your envelope.

Count your inventory to determine how much money should be in your envelope; work with the vendor to reconcile the amount if needed. If you sold nothing, you will get your $3 back. If you are short, you will be compensated from the bank. If you sold one or more item, you will be paid the appropriate amount minus the $3 that goes toward the PMN scholarship fund.

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