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PMN Summer Membership Meeting

  • 06/14/2020
  • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Private Zoom Meeting


  • If you wish to join, PMN, see https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

Registration is closed


On June 9, all PMN members were sent a personal e-mail invitation with a single Zoom link for the PMN Membership Meeting, Schmooze Rooms, and Songs of the Spirit -- all part of the June 11-15 Virtual PMN Summer Convergence Members also receive this Zoom link immediately after registering for any of these events.

PMN members will use one single Zoom link to join these 3 activities. By registering ahead of time for individual events, you let the meeting facilitators know you'll be participating, which helps us to plan. This event is not livestreamed. If you are a member and have not received your invitation by June 9, contact  <pmn@peoplesmusic.org>.

Meeting Agenda

The PMN Membership Meeting includes a musical welcoming, a brief presentation on how PMN has responded to the Pandemic since March of 2020, and the steps we plan to take moving forward to support PMN member participation in the Network. We will also have a financial report, greetings from the Steering Committee, and information on how you can help sustain the organization.

The rest of the time will be in facilitated small group break-out sessions in which you can develop ideas for drawing from the cultural and political resources of the Network for collective benefit.  There will be a chance to report back on the ideas from small groups.  We will ask about the ways in which you would be willing to use your own talents and energy to help bring these ideas to fruition.   Whether you are a long time member or new to the People’s Music Network, your ideas and energy are welcome.

We are going to break into smaller groups to think about what the network can be doing for our members and how you can help make that happen.  Please take a moment beforehand to think about about what you can bring to the discussion.  Here are some guiding questions:

  1. What activities do you want PMN to do in the immediate future?

  2. What activities and strategies can generate revenue for PMN?

  3. What can you do to help make these activities and this funding happen? (This can Include skills that you can contribute, resources and partnerships we could pursue...)

So come. “Be in the room where it happens!”

The PMN Membership Meeting Zoom Room will be open between 1:00-1:30 to say hello, get settled, and check out the agenda.

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