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  • Hybrid Round Robin @PMN-NYC Convergence (Friday, July 19)

Hybrid Round Robin @PMN-NYC Convergence (Friday, July 19)

  • 07/19/2024
  • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • You'll receive the Zoom Meeting Info immediately upon registration. In-person location: Henry Winston Unity Hall (HWUH), 235 West 23rd Street, New York, NY (Between 7th & 8th Ave.)


  • Requires code.
  • If you wish to join PMN, see https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

Registration is closed

Register to perform in the Hybrid Round Robin

This registration form allows PMN members to sign up to share a song in the Friday night Hybrid Round Robin, which is the opening event of the PMN-NYC Mid-Summer Convergence, July 19-20, 2024.  To learn more about and to register for the full event, use the registration forms available through this page.  

What is the PMN Hybrid Round Robin?

PMN Members anywhere in the world may register to perform in the Hybrid Round Robin via Zoom or in Person.  The event begins promptly at 6:30pm (ET) on Friday, July 19.   The in-person component takes place at Henry Winston Unity Hall (HWUH), 235 West 23rd Street, New York, NY (Between 7th & 8th Ave.) on the 7th floor.  Doors open at 6:00pm.

Any PMN member signed up to perform in the Hybrid Round Robin who comes in person to HWUH may perform from there.  The audience will be people gathered in person, plus the audience watching from home on Zoom or the livestream.  The Hybrid Round Robin takes place on the 7th floor.   Simultaneously, we will hold a space for song sharing, group singing, and socializing late into the night on the 6th floor.

Registering for the full PMN-NYC Mid-Summer Convergence on Friday and Saturday includes Friday Dinner, which will will be provided at HWUH.   If you are only attending on Friday, we ask that you make an additional financial contribution on a sliding scale of $20-$50, which can be paid on this registration form or at the door. 

PMN Members may use the registration form on this page to sign up to share a song or a poem in the Round Robin.  It is easy to join PMN if you are not yet a member.  This event is an evening of sharing by PMN members and friends.  We especially encourage first time members to participate.  Members are invited to sign up to share one song, spoken word, storytelling, or dance piece.  There is a 5 minute time limit for each performer.  There is no set topic.  We simply ask that participating artists relate their performance to PMN's mission of using music, poetry, and other forms of cultural work as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.  

Free Livestream


Friday, July 19, 2024 6:30 - 10:00 PM (ET)

*** Right after the show ends, the archive of the livestream will be available at this same link.

Registering and Connecting

Registered performers and audience members will receive an e-mail message containing the Zoom Meeting link.  Performers will receive a specific estimated time slot when they will perform.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 17, 2024 at 12:00 Noon (ET)

LYRICS AVAILABLE:  https://bit.ly/2024-07-19-Lyrics-RR


1. 6.36 PM (ET) - Steve Deasy "Ready For the Times To Get Better" -ZOOM-

2. 6.42 PM (ET) - Adele Rolider "ARISE ARISE" -IN-PERSON-

3. 6.48 PM (ET) - Jody Kolodzey "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

4. 6.54 PM (ET) - Betsy Rose "TBD" -ZOOM- www.betsyrosemusic.org

5. 7.06 PM (ET) - David Tarlo "Semillas" -IN-PERSON- www.hudsonvalleysally.org

6. 7.00 PM (ET) - Ruben Gonzalez "Se Olvidaron Algo" -IN-PERSON-

7. 7.12 PM (ET) - Barbara Dyskant "A Big Black Snake" -ZOOM-

8. 7.18 PM (ET) - Joel Landy "Before I Would Vote Donald Trump" -ZOOM-

9. 7.24 PM (ET) - Judy Gorman "Poosivively Wall St. ' We Will Sing Our Song" -IN-PERSON- www.JudyGormanMusic.com

10. 7.30 PM (ET) - Eric Law "My Soul Is Quieted" -ZOOM- www.erichflaw.hearnow.com

11. 7.36 PM (ET) - Debra Rothman "Dos Lid Fun Dos Broyt" (The Song of Bread -- Yiddish) -IN-PERSON- www.yiddishsongs.org/dos-lid-fun-broyt/

12. 7.42 PM (ET) - Jendog Lonewolf "TBD" -IN-PERSON- www.ilovejendog.bandcamp.com

13. 7.48 PM (ET) - Ruby Poltorak "Gonna Get through This World " -ZOOM-

14. 7.54 PM (ET) - Mario Cancel Bigay "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

15. 8.00 PM (ET) - Tristan Dutchin "ALU MA-AT" -IN-PERSON-

16. 8.06 PM (ET) - Pat Lamanna and Richard Mattocks "John Ball" -ZOOM- www.patlamanna.com

17. 8.12 PM (ET) - Dilson Hernandez "TBD" -IN-PERSON- www.dilsonmusic.com

18. 8.18 PM (ET) - Luci Murphy "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

19. 8.24 PM (ET) - Lydia Davis "Homes Along ther River" -ZOOM- www.lydiaadamsdavis.com

20. 8.30 PM (ET) - Nicole Nesbary "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

21. 8.36 PM (ET) - Huayra Forster "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

22. 8.42 PM (ET) - Grace Nichols "Song of the Global North" -ZOOM-

23. 8.48 PM (ET) - Chris "Oledude" Owens "TBD" -IN-PERSON- www.oledude.rocks

24. 8.54 PM (ET) - Steve Suffet "Can You Hear That Stream Whistle Blow" -IN-PERSON- www.stevesuffet.com

25. 9.00 PM (ET) - Steve Siegelbaum "Rise Up and Resist" -ZOOM-

26. 9.06 PM (ET) - Barry Kornhauser "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

27. 9.12 PM (ET) - Ben Bath "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

28. 9.18 PM (ET) - Michael & Nell "TBD" -ZOOM- www.michaelandnell.com

29. 9.24 PM (ET) - Ben Grosscup "Palestine" by Jim Page -IN-PERSON- www.youtube.com/bengrosscup

30. 9.30 PM (ET) - Lindsey Wilson "TBD" -IN-PERSON- www.lindseywilsonmusicnow.com/

31. 9.36 PM (ET) - Ryc Ward "Anthem!" -ZOOM- www.BrotherJim.net

32. 9.42 PM (ET) - Jenny Amanda Hurwitz "Night Falls on Gaza" -IN-PERSON-

33. 9.48 PM (ET) - Paul McKenna "From the River to the Sea" -ZOOM- www.paulmckennamusic.com

34. 9.54 PM (ET) - Jesse Kasowitz "Poetry - Union Protest" -IN-PERSON-

35. 10.00 PM (ET) - Joanne Tuller "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

36. 10.06 PM (ET) - Alice Sutter "Campaign Fiananced Genocide" -IN-PERSON-

37. 10.12 PM (ET) - Sally Campbell "TBD" -IN-PERSON-

38. 10.18 PM (ET) - STORM "TBD" -ZOOM-

39. 10.24 PM (ET) - William (Bill) Miller "The Place We Found for Michael," by Andrew Lawrence -ZOOM-

40. 10.30 PM (ET) - L Pinetree "The Dream" -ZOOM-

41. 10.36 PM (ET) - Marc Hecker "Waste Deep in the Big Muddy" -ZOOM-

42. 10.42 PM (ET) - Louise Hetzler "TBD" -ZOOM- www.louiseina.hearnow.com

Eligibility to Perform:

Performers in this Round Robin must:

1)   Be PMN members in good standing.* 

2)   Register using this online form.  (Press "Register" on the left hand menu)

3)   Have a computer or other device with functioning video camera and microphone.

* If you are not a PMN member, you may join here: https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

How we will Shape the Performance List 

Every PMN member wishing to perform at this event is invited to register and to do so sooner than later.  Selection in the line up, however, is not first-come first-served. We give priority to new PMN members as well as PMN members who have not performed recently in one of our previous online swap events.  Since this is a special Round Robin singing event, we are welcoming in a larger number of performers than we usually do in the space of a single night.  EVERYONE keen to share is invited to please sign up!  We will intersperse in-person and zoom-only performers as best as we can. 

Technical Orientation Session: 1hr before showtime @5:30pm (ET) /  2:30pm (PT).

Performers are invited to a technical orientation session, 1 hour before showtime, where we discuss and practice how to get the best sound when doing a musical performance on Zoom.  Each performer has a chance to sing a verse of a song and then receive feedback on ways to improve the audio quality.  Artists new to Zoom are strongly encouraged to attend the tech orientation, because doing so will build your confidence in using these tools.  The audio quality that listeners hear of your live performance depends on the equipment you have and how you use it.  Check out this great resource for performers wanting to get their best audio quality when playing on Zoom.  It comes from our friends at Folk Alliance Region Midwest: https://www.farmfolk.org/zoom-performer-toolbox/

Help Publicize! Encourage your friends to tune into this online musical event for progressive culture:  Share the event on Facebook!!  https://www.facebook.com/events/994860648966263

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