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Songs of the Spirit (Participatory Singing)

  • 04/23/2023
  • 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
  • Private Zoom Meeting, provided via e-mail upon registration


  • This option requires a special code. For PMN members wanting to participate: log in to the website, and choose "PMN Member Registration" below.
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NOTE:   This is an announcement for an online-only event called "Songs of the Spirit," which PMN had been practicing in person for decades before we began online.  This will be the last online version of Songs of the Spirit before the People's Music Network gathers together in person for the PMN Summer Gathering in Groton, MA from May 26-28, 2023.  We are looking forward to finally doing this sacred singing practice in person on the morning of Sunday, May 28, 2023 at the camp!  More info on the Gathering is here


Free registration for this event is open to all members of PMN.  Not a member?  Check out our inclusive sliding scale membership policy.

Immediately upon registering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that provides you a link to a private Zoom meeting.


Come join us in this shared experience of Community and Heart.  You're invited to enjoy a (digital) community circle where inspirational and empowering songs from many traditions rise up from the group.  Singers offer a song one by one without instruments or song sheets.  These are songs that people know or can learn easily without requiring a lot of teaching.

In this online event, we are drawing upon the tradition of Songs of the Spirit, which has been a consistent feature of PMN/SFS Gatherings since 1977.  One person will sing and others will sing along.  We ask everyone to mute themselves while the one person is singing, allowing all of us to at least see each other as we fill our separate physical spaces with music.

Between songs, we pause, breathe and feel the energy and connection of the group. We are sustaining this rich tradition during the pandemic, despite the inherent limits of Zoom.  One part of our tradition is recognizing that the silence is sacred.  In avoiding the urgency to fill a space with song, once we finally do fill a space with song, that song sinks in more deeply.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build community and to harmonize (in your own home) and to start the day with some grounded sacredness.

This event will not be livestreamed or recorded.

If you have any questions, please contact the facilitator:

  • Joanne Tuller <jt4cmn@yahoo.com> 

SPECIAL INVITATIONS:  If you can think of a person you know who would enjoy Songs of the Spirit, but they are not a PMN member, you can invite them to participate in this event.  All you need to do is contact Joanne Tuller <jt4cmn@yahoo.com> and let her know that you are inviting folks.  He will send you very simple instructions for how to invite guests to be part of this experience.

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