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  • "Songs of Freedom and Struggle" (Online Swap)

"Songs of Freedom and Struggle" (Online Swap)

  • 02/25/2022
  • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • On Zoom and YouTube Live


  • Requires code.
  • If you wish to join PMN, see https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

Registration is closed

This is a chance for PMN members from all over the world to share songs of Freedom and Struggle in a fun, inclusive, supportive, and collaborative online setting!

How to Participate

Members of the People's Music Network, especially new members, and invited artists may use the online registration form to sign up to share a song or a poem during this event OR be part of the audience.  Just press the "Register" button on the left side of the web page.  Registered performers and audience members receive an e-mail message containing the Zoom Meeting link immediately after they register.  Registering as a performer does not automatically mean you'll be included in the final performance line up, but it is the first step (See below, "How we Select the Performers").  We encourage live performance, but you may submit a pre-recorded video when you register to substitute for a live performance.  Members sharing videos first give a live introduction.  

Free Livestream

Friday, February 25, 4:00 - 6:00 PM (ET)

The online swap will also be livestreamed free of charge via the PMN Facebook Page AND the PMN Youtube Channel.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, February 23 at 8:00 PM (EDT)

The order of performance will be released the morning after the registration deadline.  You may register for this event after the deadline, and you'll be added to the wait list.

The Topic

In this livestreamed video conference event, members of the People's Music Network are invited to share poetry and songs of Freedom and Struggle that speak to the struggles of people fighting for a better world, free from war, poverty, racism, and all forms of oppression.  In these  dangerous times, we gather strength and courage from songs that nourish our spirits, and that help us make sense of the events unfolding before us, and sustain the dream of a better future where people can live in dignity.

LYRICS:  https://bit.ly/2022-02-25-Lyrics


1. 4.06 PM (ET) - Galen Brandt "The Rocket And The Bomb "

2. 4.12 PM (ET) - James Scott "We Are The Earth "www.Jimscottmusic.com

3. 4.18 PM (ET) - Joanie Calem "I've Lost Touch With Your Heart "www.joaniecalem.com

4. 4.24 PM (ET) - Jason Baker "Any Kind of Love Is Alright "www.jbakervt.com

5. 4.30 PM (ET) - Bett Padgett "May I Never Live Through This Again "www.bettpadgett.com

6. 4.36 PM (ET) - Seth Patel "Build the Committee "www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQ23t8dGfqs2Iz0uztGivg

7. 4.42 PM (ET) - Harriet Chapple "A Reckoning for Democracy "

8. 4.48 PM (ET) - Flloyd Kennedy "Sunsets & Kites "www.flloydkennedy.com

9. 4.54 PM (ET) - joanna smiley "Easy on me "

10. 5.00 PM (ET) - Larry Daves "Which Side Are You On" Traditional and Updated "

11. 5.06 PM (ET) - The Re:Sisters (Deirdre Whalen, Barbara Coward, Janet Hall, Janet Dempsey) "Despite all of the Darkness"

12. 5.12 PM (ET) - Chris O'Connor "Greed, Fear and Bigotry "

13. 5.18 PM (ET) - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke "Nature Of Man "www.joekiddandsheilaburke.com

14. 5.24 PM (ET) - "Cleo" Carol Knopf "This Is Where The Bombs Fell "www.poemdancer.com

15. 5.30 PM (ET) - Murray Kiok "Who knows the mysteries of life. "

16. 5.36 PM (ET) - Jan Hillegas "Say NO to War "

17. 5.42 PM (ET) - Donald Roby "Too Many Martyrs "

18. 5.48 PM (ET) - Mark Bishop Evans "No Breathing Space "www.markbishopevans.net

19. 5.54 PM (ET) - Ben Grosscup "We Say NATO's Got to Go! "Watch the music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdLEC5UNl0g

W1. 6.00 PM (ET) - Ryc Ward "For The Sake of Love! (Intro, spoken word piece) "www.rycward.com

W10. (ET) - Marc Hecker "You Walk With Me "

W2. (ET) - Mary McCaffrey "Harriet Tubman "

W3. (ET) - Michael & Nell "Light in the Forest (Henry David Thoreau) "www.michaelandnell.com

W4. (ET) - Lydia Adams Davis "Lydia Adams Davis "www.lydiaadamsdavis.com

W5. (ET) - Jenny Hurwitz "TBD "www.youtu.be/4Ff3NuDPLVU

W6. (ET) - robert brashear "all walls must fall "

W7. (ET) - Paul McKenna "Hood Robin "www.paulmckennamusic.com

W8. (ET) - Barbara Dyskant "TBD "

W9. (ET) - L Pinetree "TBD "

Eligibility to Perform:

Performers in this swap must:

1)   Be invited artists and/or PMN members in good standing.* 

2)   Register using the online form.

3)   Have a computer with functioning video camera and microphone.

* If you are not a PMN member, you may join here: https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

How we Select the Performers

We give priority to new PMN members as well as PMN members who are new or relatively new to our series of online song and poetry swaps.  Every PMN member wishing to perform at this event is invited to register and to do so sooner than later.  Selection for the final performer list, however, is not first-come first-served.  PMN hosts song sharing events regularly.  If we can't fit you in this time, anticipate more opportunities soon!

Technical Orientation Session: Thursday, February 24, 5:00-6:30 PM

Selected performers will receive an e-mail invitation to a technical orientation session at the time listed above by the morning of the same day.  We will discuss and practice how to get the best sound when sharing music on Zoom.  Each performer will have a chance to sing a verse of a song and then receive feedback on ways to improve the audio quality.  While perfection is not expected, artists new to Zoom are strongly encouraged to attend the tech run through, because doing so will build your confidence in using these tools.  The audio quality that listeners hear of your live performance depends on the equipment you have and how you use it.  Find tips to improve audio quality here.

Help Publicize!

Encourage your friends to tune into this online musical event for progressive culture:  Share the event on Facebook!!   https://www.facebook.com/events/944407306244898

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