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PMN Summer Concert: Munit Mesfin, Elise Bryant, David Rovics, Jane Sapp, Elise Witt, and Black Workers Center Chorus

  • 06/04/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLU2yFxaW9w


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Friday, June 4, 7:00 PM - 9:00 P (ET)

This Concert is part of the annual PMN Virtual Summer Convergence, from June 4-6, which you can register for hereIf you're registering for the full convergence, there's no need to also register here.  If you are already a PMN member, it is even better to register using the link above.  But if you'd like to attend this special concert only at a low-cost, you can register for the concert using the Register button a the bottom of the left hand column!

* REGISTRATION isn't required to tune in to the free livestream, but when you register, you get an automatic reminder about the show with the option to tune in via Zoom. 


MUNIT MESFIN (Emcee) is an Ethiopian-American singer, songwriter, teaching artist, and project director at Carpe Diem Arts where she organizes the early childhood arts program, Jump Start with the Arts, and Ukes on the Move, which aims to get ukuleles in the hands of 3rd and 4th graders so that they may start their songwriting journey!  In her music career, she performs world music, jazz, reggae, with musicians from around the world, and, most recently, she has started a band with her two daughters, Meezan and Ayana.  Together, they are called Munit and Z Lovebugs, and they are on the journey to their first album - making fun, thoughtful, inspiring music for children 3 to 93 :). They are excited to be part of the Peoples' Music Network Convergence.  She can be found on all social media - facebook.com/munit.mesfin, instagram.com/munit.mesfin, youtube.com/munitmesfins and also on FB as Munit and z Lovebug!

ELISE BRYANT is a singer, actor, writer and spoken word artist.  She currently serves as the executive director of the Labor Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization that is the “art and soul of the labor movement.” Elise is a lifetime member of the Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World), a member of the AFM Local 1000 and Vice President of CWA/Newspaper Guild Local 32035.  In 2012, she received the Lifetime Achievement award from the United Association of Labor Educators. In 2017, she became president of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) and a month later was elected vice-president of CWA/TNG Local 32031

DAVID ROVICS is a songwriter, musician, blogger and podcaster based in Portland, Oregon. Since the 1990’s, David has been touring regularly throughout North America, Europe, and occasionally elsewhere, playing on stages large and small, at protests and festivals as well as in squatted social centers and folk clubs. He has recorded dozens of albums and has millions of his songs viewed, streamed and downloaded every year. His podcast, "This Week with David Rovics" consists of interviews, new songs, rants, and concerts. He writes regularly for Counterpunch and Fifth Estate, among other publications. In the post-CD, housing crisis era, many of David’s creative and organizing efforts have focused on streaming justice and eviction abolition. David also plays music for kids. 

JANE SAPP is a cultural worker who engages with disenfranchised urban and rural communities in the United States. She is a powerful, highly-regarded performer, song-writer, recording artist, activist and educator. Her music reflects the blues and gospel sounds of her Georgia youth and is deeply rooted in the spiritual, religious and historical experiences of the African-American world.  Her performances have been featured in concert halls (including Carnegie Hall with Pete Seeger), colleges, and community centers throughout the U.S. and in Sweden, Canada, Senegal, and Mali, West Africa. Jane has a long history of working with grassroots communities and innovating community programs, events, and cultural centers. She founded and developed the Black Folk Roots Festival in 1975 in Greene County, Alabama, and the festival of Low Country Life, South Carolina in 1972, both of which continue today. As an educator, Jane Sapp has developed techniques to help the silenced find their voices through the arts.

ELISE WITT: Elise’s concerts of Global, Local & Homemade Songs™and her Impromptu Glorious Chorus™ workshops create and connect singing communities around the world. Born in Switzerland, raised in NC, and living in Atlanta since 1977, Elise speaks 5 languages fluently and sings in at least a dozen more. The Elise Witt Choral Series features choral arrangements of her original compositions and she recently published All Singing, a songbook with 58 original songs including music notation, lyrics and chords, stories and photos! In addition to her global touring, Elise serves as Director of Music Programs at the Global Village Project, a special purpose middle school for teenage refugee girls in Decatur Georgia.

THE BLACK WORKER’S CENTER CHORUS was established in 2017 under the direction of Luci Murphy, a long time social justice advocate.  She recognized the need to tell the history of housing and employment in Washington DC and the power of music to motivate action to demand change.  Since its founding, the Chorus has performed at protests to stop evictions in Washington DC, as well as to stop Fossil Fuel infrastructure, and prison injustice.  The chorus brings their inspiring voices to Juneteenth celebrations, Indigenous People’s events, and many other community events where oppressed peoples are organizing for liberation.  You just might see these committed singers pop up anywhere, at any time. Other members include: Angie Whitehurst (writer, poet, and artist); Al McCray (actor, vocalist, and poet); Veronica Proctor (artist formerly known as mom).

NOTE:  After registering for this Concert, if you decide you'd like to join the People's Music Network as a member, please send an email to pmn@peoplesmusic.org with subject line: "Would like to join PMN".  You will be given instructions for how to pay annual membership dues, minus any payment made for this workshop.

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