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PMN Winter Concert: Frankie Lopez, Kim Harris, Hot Glue & the Gun, Gary Allard, Melissa Braven, Lea Gilmore

  • 01/29/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLU2yFxaW9w


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January 29,  7:00 PM - 9:00 P (ET):

This Concert is part of the 41st annual PMN Virtual Winter Convergence, from January 29-31, which you can register for hereIf you're registering for the full convergence, there's no need to also register here.  If you are already a PMN member, it is even better to register using the link above.  But if you'd like to attend this special concert only at a low-cost, you can register for the concert using the Register button a the bottom of the left hand column!

* REGISTRATION isn't required to tune in to the free livestream, but when you register, you get an automatic reminder about the show with the option to tune in via Zoom. 

(Emcee) FRANK ANTONIO LÓPEZ (LUMI) is a Dominican poet, emcee, and artist educator born and raised in Uptown NYC. He is a co-founder of The Peace Poets-- a collective of hip hop artists using art as a tool for organizing, healing & creative expression.  www.thepeacepoets.com/artist/frank-lopez

KIM HARRIS is a gifted cantor, leader of song and a passionate cultural advocate.  Kim is particularly interested in helping pass along the African American traditions of freedom singing that have sustained people through difficulty and oppression. If she does that, she says, "Then I'll know that I've done some good work...and it will be for the next generations to pass on the traditions as they see fit." 

HOT GLUE & THE GUN is a NYC-based, indie collective that explores the gluey intersections of song, story, & each other.  Founding members Carrie Klein & Joel McGlynn craft their work from old scraps of heartache, joy, collaboration, and conversation.  Art is not a spectator sport.  Come #BeTheGlue. Previous projects include: Autohighfidelicadillacomatic (EP-2016); The GLUEY ZOOMY SHOW (Series-2020).  www.hotglueandthegun.com/

GARY ALLARD is a soulful Contemporary Singer-Songwriter. He continues to build his unique sound by extracting inspiration from a plethora of genres including Folk Pop, Gospel, R&B and Caribbean Music. He composes his lyrics from his own personal and social experiences, striving to connect with his audience through tender yet powerful emotional singing.

MELISSA BRAVEN was always singing since day one. She started writing songs in grade school which developed into a passion as a teenager. “It was my secret, in a way---a release during a really hard time, a headspace where I always felt heard.”  Melissa studied classical voice, wanting to build a solid foundation of technique. Despite a love for classical music, she always found her mind wandering back to her own writing. “I have a deep respect for many music genres,” she says. “I just found that my writing was where I felt centered. Telling your own truth is really freeing. And I hope that maybe it can help someone? Music has incredible power to heal and empower.”  www.melissabraven.com

is one of the world's most respected inspirational vocalists, social justice and human rights advocates, song leader, and writer… Lea has been said to command a "rich and passionate voice in all ways…  a gift from her soul to our ears and our heart." The jazz, blues, folk and gospel vocalist has lent her voice, literally and figuratively, to advocacy for the under-served around the globe and in her own backyard.   www.leagilmore.net

NOTE:  After registering for this Concert, if you decide you'd like to join the People's Music Network as a member, please send an email to pmn@peoplesmusic.org with subject line: "Would like to join PMN".  You will be given instructions for how to pay annual membership dues, minus any payment made for this workshop.

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