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  • All Power to the People! (Online Concert)

All Power to the People! (Online Concert)

  • 09/24/2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • https://www.facebook.com/Peoples.Music.Network/live/


  • Invited artists have been given a special registration code to use on this form. We ask the artists to register to make it easier for us to promote your music in the event publicity.
  • Registration is not required for tuning into the livestream, but you may register to receive a reminder about the show and make a contribution to the People's Music Network.
  • Registration is not required for tuning into the livestream, but you may register to receive a reminder about the show and make an optional contribution to the People's Music Network.

Registration is closed

Thursday, September 24, 7:00 - 9:30 PM (EDT)

* REGISTRATION isn't required to tune in to the free livestream above.  But when you register, you get an automatic reminder about the show and you can stick around for the post-show discussion.  In addition, any financial contribution you make supports The People's Music Network.

In this special artist showcase sponsored by the People’s Music Network, poets and musicians use their art to confront and resist the senseless violence against black people in America.  The art presented will also be in dialog with some of the leading lights of the black liberation struggle in the United States whose words will be shared during the program in short video clips.

Nina Simone said, “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times and situation in which we find ourselves.”  Today, we find ourselves in times of widespread racist police terror and failure of the system to meet the basic needs of the people -- conditions that aren’t new but which nonetheless demand urgent reflection.

The event is hosted by PMN Steering Committee member, Lindsey Wilson.  We will share songs and poems of liberation for people who are struggling today to be free.  We dedicate these songs to the ancestors who stood up to fight for justice.  As a group, we take seriously our responsibility as artists to motivate and inspire the masses.  After performances are done, we'll end the livestream and Dilson Hernandez will facilitate a semi-informal 30 minute discussion among the performers (and possibly a few audience members) about how they are grappling with the racism of this society and how they are using their art to resist it.  Be sure to register if you want to listen to the discussion.  (A Zoom link will be provided by email if you register for the event). 


  • 6:00-6:55 PM: Sound checks for performers
  • 6:55-7:00 PM: Informal introduction as we start up the livestream.  Audience allowed into Zoom room.
  • 7:00-9:00 PM: The Show (Line up below)
  • 9:00-9:30 PM: Livestream ends, Discussion facilitated by Dilson Hernandez.

Performers (In order of performance)

0. 7.00 PM: Introduction by Luci Murphy and Lindsey Wilson,
1. 7.06 PM: Artist Up, @nicole.watson.16144
2. 7.12 PM: Dilson Hernandez, "Pambiche" @dilson.hernandez www.dilsonmusic.com
3. 7.18 PM: Judy Gorman, "Joy is An Act of Resistance" @judy.gorman.37 www.worldstrings.com
4. 7.24 PM: Messiah Ramkissoon, @MessiahRamkissoon/ www.messiahramkissoon.com
5. 7.30 PM: Luci Murphy, "Preciosas vidas negras" @luci.murphy.7
6. 7.36 PM: Mike Glick, "Living While Black" @wsidemike www.generations-music.com
7. 7.42 PM: Lindsey Wilson, "Tides" @lindseywilsonlive www.lindseywilsonmusic.com
8. 7.48 PM: Wanda Phipps, "This Is An Angry Poem" @phipps.wanda www.mindhoney.com
9. 7.54 PM: Vince Tozzi featuring Mike Handelman, "Patriot Song" @weeatmonsters www.compiled.social/WEMNYC
10. 8.00 PM: Jendog Lonewolf, @iLoveJendog www.ilovejendog.bandcamp.com/album/eyesup-wiseup-riseup
11. 8.06 PM: YaliniDream, Dreams Free @YaliniDreamArt www.yalinidream.com
12. 8.12 PM: Colleen Kattau, @colleen.kattau www.colleenkattau.com
13. 8.18 PM: Marvelous Mariam, "Call You PowerfuLL"
14. 8.24 PM: Hatress Harbour,
15. 8.30 PM: Hot Glue and the Gun, "Little Heart" @hotglueandthegun www.hotglueandthegun.com
16. 8.36 PM: Bev Grant, @bev.grant.16 www.bevgrant.com
17. 8.42 PM: Ben Grosscup, "One in Six Have Disappeared" @bengrosscupmusic www.peoplesmusic.org
18. 8.48 PM: Lynn Marie Smith, @Labor-Heritage-Foundation-100235955861 www.laborheritage.org
19. 8.54 PM: Jayanthi Kyle, @dotfrofeather www.amberoctopusentertainment.com

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