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  • The Centennial Of Women’s Suffrage & Empowerment (Online Concert)

The Centennial Of Women’s Suffrage & Empowerment (Online Concert)

  • 07/19/2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • https://www.facebook.com/Peoples.Music.Network/live/


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Sunday, July 19, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (EDT)

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REGISTRATION is not required for tuning into the livestream above, but you may register to receive a reminder about the show and to make an optional contribution to People's Music Network, which is hosting this event.


From the pulpit, parlor, workplace, in legislatures throughout the US, and the White House, women have been denied equality and their basic civic and human rights.  From the first Woman's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls on July 19, 1848, US women struggled for the right to vote.  For 72 years women faced walls of indifference, ridicule, denial and violence as they struggled for their rightful place in the political life of the nation where they lived, studied, worked, raised their children, and paid their taxes.

This year we raise our voices and our instruments to celebrate the Centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on August 26, 1920 which finally granted American women the vote. We are mindful, however that many women from 1920 to our present moment continue to be marginalized and that the fate of our world urgently depends on women’s empowerment and mobilization.

ARTIST BIOS  (In alphabetical order)

ELISE BRYANT is the Executive Director of the Labor Heritage Foundation and Director of the DC Labor Chorus. Elise is a lifetime member of the Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) and a member of the AFM Local 1000. In 2012 she was given the Lifetime Achievement award from the international organization, United Association of Labor Educators. In 2017 she was elected Vice President of CWA/Newspaper Guild Local 32035 and President of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW).  http://www.cluw.org/

LYDIA ADAMS DAVIS is an uplifting singer-songwriter-guitarist-actress. She has appeared as Abigail Adams and Susan B. Anthony at schools, museums, historical societies and libraries. Susan B has performed as the musical guest of “The Herstorians”. Lydia is a long-time member of PMN, PVC and MusiCares in NYC. Lydia and her nature puppet friends present environmental entertainment and “Sign & Sing” concerts for children. Lydia produces two concert series: “Women’s Work” and “Sisters In Song,” based in Beacon NY, the Hudson Valley hometown of Lydia’s mentor, Pete Seeger. Contact: www.lydiaadamsdavis.com/

BEV GRANT is a labor and social activist, feminist, singer-songwriter, photographer, and winner of the 2017 Joe Hill Award from the Labor Heritage Foundation as well as the ASCAP Foundation’s Jay Gorney award for her song "We Were There!" She is also founder and director of the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus and cultural director of the United Association of Labor Educators NE Union Women’s Summer School. She is the creator of a multi-media women’s labor history show, called “We Were There!,” which she presents throughout the UnitedStates.  www.bevgrant.com

COLLEEN KATTAU is a bilingual vocalist songwriter who stirs listeners with her clear voice, collective spirit and rhythmic sensibility. Her music is featured on Democracy Now, or while singin’ down the SOA, and she performs at Phil Ochs nights. Her compositions are full of nature, social movements, and Latin American nueva canción. Colleen is a NERFA showcase artist. Last summer she was invited to Italy to perform at the International Ritmi y danze dal mondo Festival and at the European Ecovillages Conference in Tuscany. Besos/Kisses is her 2020 release. Contact: www.colleenkattau.com

PAT LAMANNA is an award-winning singer-songwriter based in New York's Hudson Valley.  Her songs have a strong folk influence, and cover social justice issues as well as personal topics. As a member of the singing duo The Herstorians, she has performed programs on women's history for historical societies, museums and universities. She has three solo CDs of almost all original songs. She has been an active member of PMN since 1999.  Contact: http://patlamanna.com

SHARLEEN LEAHEY is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and founder of songs4peace, a community based arts organization. For over thirty years she has been performing original and classic topical folk music for peace, justice and environmental organizations. As a member of the singing duo The Herstorians she has performed programs on women’s history for historical societies, museums and universities. Sharleen has released 3 collections of original songs deconstructing racism, inequality, militarism and mad rulers with feminist passion, optimism and love. Contact: www.sharleenleahey.com

JENDOG LONEWOLF is a Two Spirit BlackNative Photographer/Hip Hop Lyricist and Cultural Worker from Bushwick, Brooklyn who navigates a myriad of spaces challenging stereotypes & issues at the intersections of class, race, gender and sexuality. She has shared stages with Harry Belafonte, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Tutu, and Joan Baez. Jendog has worked with Grammy winner Dan Zanes on two Hip Hop/Folk songs including a Lead Belly tribute for Smithsonian Institute’s Folkways Records. She has toured South Africa, Sri Lanka, the UK, Canada, the US, and Cambodia with Partner-in-Art & Love, YaliniDream, as the duo, Brooklyn Dreamwolf. Jendog is a proud member of The People's Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle.  Contact:http://www.ilovejendog.com

CAROL SIMON LEVIN is a professional storyteller, historical impersonator and NJ Council for the Humanities Scholar specializing in ‘Fascinating Women History Forgot,’ women of all colors and creeds who have fought for women's rights. She is the author of the book “Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates” and the Garden State Legacy article “Reclaiming Our Voice: New Jersey’s Role in the Fight for Woman Suffrage.” Carol also performs programs on Emily Roebling (Bridge Builder in Petticoats), Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low, and early women in aviation. Contact: www.tellingherstories.com

For more information on this event, please contact:

Sharleen Leahey, singer-songwriter / guitarist / founder, songs4peace

sharleenleahey AT gmail.com

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