People's Music Network

for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

Youth Creative Convergence at 2017 PMN Winter Gathering


Youth Creative Convergence presenters include: Lydia Adams Davis; Emma June Ayres; Arjuna Greist; Olivia Holcomb; Paul Kaplan; Sue Kranz; Trenda Loftin; Jay Mankita; Rob Peck; and Jayme Winell.

YCC Overview

People’s Music Network is ready to hear from and include the next generations of social justice artists and activists! For the 2017 PMN Winter Gathering at the Greenfield Middle School, January 27-29, 2017, we are re-activating and re-imagining our programming for children and teens. The program will include robust childcare offerings and activities, plus a series of workshops specifically designed to inspire and equip teens in a variety of creative endeavors. We are excited to engage kids and youth with elements of people’s history, interactive projects, creative challenges, games, manifestos, and collaborations with elders.

We want to hear from you and the young people you are connected to! Send us your input on designing this process, especially if you are a parent and/or especially if you care about the ways in which PMN’s traditions are passed through the generations! In your experience, what have you seen work well for this kind of programming? What are you looking for this year? What can you contribute? Please send all suggestions to Jayme Winell and Tonez Hall (contact: who are co-organizing the Youth Creative Convergence at PMN for January 2017.

YCC Workshop Goals

  • Generate and Interact: A workshop in which the participants are invited to create, co-create or improvise via any art form. Consider how people learn in different ways and incorporate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning methods.
  • Pass the Torch & People’s History: It is way too easy to get a slanted view of history from textbooks. What part of the many histories of artful resistance are you particularly inspired by? Share your passion! What were your “aha” moments when learning about history of the oppressors and then learning about people’s resistance history?
  • Lead by Example & Share from Your Heart.  It’s easy to tell someone else to do something but when adult mentors demonstrate what it means to take risks and be vulnerable in the sharing of our art and our truth, it helps teens and young folks get closer to being able to do it themselves. Consider taking 3-5 minutes to give a demonstration of your personal truth or your artistic take on the world.