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Fri, March 27: PMN's next Live Online Song & Poetry Swap

03/23/2020 11:20 PM | Ben Grosscup (Administrator)

Tune in to the Broadcast via Facebook Live

Anyone may tune in to this program at no cost, via Facebook Live.  Just go to PMN's Facebook page at about 7:30pm on Friday, March 27, and scroll down to find the livestream. Here is PMN's Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/Peoples.Music.Network/

The Topic

In this video conference event, PMN members are invited to share songs or poems on the topic of “What we need to hear during a Pandemic".  We need songs about the injustices that exacerbate the dangers of this pandemic (e.g., a healthcare system that prioritizes profits over people, the economic precarity of the working class, and the systemic incompetence and inhumanity of our government).  We also need songs about the crises that are upon us with or without a pandemic (racism, the climate crisis, sexual violence, the scourge of prisons, and more).  finally, we need songs that brighten our lives in the stressful and uncertain times we're living through.

Performer List

1) 7:35 PM – Ben Grosscup (Greenfield, MA)  "Let's Build a Socialist System"
2) 7:40 PM – Barbara Gardiner (Davidson, NC)  "Your Money or My Life"
3) 7:45 PM – Verne McArthur (Springfield, MA)  "Love Is The Water"
4) 7:50 PM – Susan Rogers (Takoma Park, MD)  "Hit the Road Trump (parody of Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack)"
6) 8:00 PM – Richard Johnson (Springfield, MA)  "Untitled Poem"
7) 8:05 PM – Alison Frost (Truxton, NY)  "There's No Crisis to Waste"
8) 8:10 PM – Will Fudeman (Ithaca, NY)  "It Isn't Nice"
9) 8:15 PM – Jendog Lonewolf (NYC, )  "State of the Whirled"
10) 8:20 PM – Terry Kitchen (Boston, MA)  "Life Is Hard Enough"
11) 8:25 PM – Charlie King (SHELBURNE FALLS, MA)  "You Can Never Fail"
12) 8:30 PM – Lydia Davis (Beacon, NY)  "A Tribute To Steve Goodman (Can we start over again)"
13) 8:35 PM – Dave Gott (, )  "Safe Sheltered Place"
14) 8:40 PM – Paul Goldman (Marlborough, MA)  "Half A Moon"
15) 8:45 PM – Colleen Kattau (Cortland, NY)  "Raiz or Who am i to run"
16) 8:50 PM – Ryc Ward (Rosendale, NY)  "The People Song"
17) 8:55 PM – Jenny Amanda Hurwitz (New York, NY)  "Will Decide"
18) 9:00 PM – David Tarlo (Brooklyn, NY)  "How Can I Keep from Singing"
19) 9:05 PM – Paul McKenna (Corvallis, OR)  "Six Feet Apart"
20) 9:10 PM – Luci Murphy (Washington, DC)  "TBA"
21) 9:15 PM – Alan Cohen (Washington, DC)  "The Preacher and the Slave by Joe Hill"
22) 9:20 PM – Bev Grant (, )  "The Corona Virus Covid 19 Blues"
23) 9:25 PM – Joel Landy (NYC, NY)  "The Spaces In Between"
24) 9:30 PM – Steve Suffet (NYC, NY)  "This Might Be the Last Time"

Waitlist 1)  – Steve Siegelbaum (, )  "Rise Up And Resist"
Waitlist 2)  – robert brashear (NYC, NY)  "TBA"
Waitlist 3)  – Dada Veda (Urbana, IL)  "I'm Waiting For That Time"

A Note on Selection

Every PMN member wishing to perform at this event should register, but priority will be given to PMN members that have not yet performed in an online song swap.  We plan to hold these song swap events regularly, so anticipate more opportunities. 

Register for a Performance Slot

PMN Members may register to share a song or a poem during this online event, using this link: https://www.peoplesmusic.org/event-3798641.  The 20 or so PMN members who are selected to perform will receive an e-mail with a link to PMN's Zoom video conference account.  Everyone performs through their own computer connection. 

Eligibility to Perform

Performers in this swap must:

1) be PMN members in good standing* 

2) register using this form

3) have a computer with a video camera.**

* If you are not a PMN member, you may join here: https://www.peoplesmusic.org/join-PMN

** A built in computer mic is sufficient to participate and be heard.  However, chances are that the audio quality will be mediocre, especially for instruments.  Zoom is designed to carry the human voice in online meetings, but its default audio compression filters are poorly suited for musical instruments.  A simple tool that modestly increases the audio quality of the human voice is using a headset with a built in mic.  This will not make instruments sounds good, however.  It is possible to significantly improve the audio quality of both voice and instruments if you use an external USB mic or a USB audio interface device.  Once you have this hardware in place, there are a few settings you can easily change within zoom to optimize the sound of your performance.  Please see here for a useful tutorial on that 

Help Publicize!

Tell your friends how they can tune into this online musical event for progressive culture.  Share this event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/584521625473585

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