People's Music Network

for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

Logistics (Food, Housing & Other)


  • Food: Omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan meals are included in the registration price, and are served from Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch.


  • Request Housing: PMN is organizing homestays in Albany for out-of-town visitors at the homes of PMN members and supporters. This reduces the cost for out-of-town guests and fosters community and connections among participants. Mark your interest in providing or receiving housing on the registration form. Register by January 15, 2016 to guarantee a home stay match. Home stay requests after that are provided on first-come basis. Housing assignments are announced by January 26, 2016. Please bring bedding/sleeping bags and pillows. Count on a welcoming community-oriented feel to the whole weekend! For questions on housing, contact the Albany Area Housing Coordinator, Mia Morosoff
  • Offer Housing: Albany Residents can host an out of town PMN participant, by contacting housing coordinator, Mia Morosoff,
  • Hotels in Albany: You can also arrange your own accommodations at nearby hotels in Albany.


  • Childcare: Childcare is provided at no extra cost when you register your children. PMN hires one professional childcare coordinator who is aided during certain times by parents and other caring adults in the PMN Community. In order for PMN to plan for their care and activities, children must be registered by Friday, January 22, 2015. Please do not show up with unregistered children. When you are using childcare, make sure to sign your child in and out. Parents must serve at least one work shift in the childcare area. To ensure the safety of all, children under the age of 13 years are required to be supervised at all times, either with their parent(s) or enrolled in the childcare that is provided by PMN. We want every child to have a positive and enjoyable experience at the PMN gathering.
  • What to Bring: Anything musical: instruments, voices, audio recorders, recordings, songbooks to swap or sell.
  • What not to Bring: pets, alcohol, or illegal substances.
  • Chemical sensitivities: Be aware of folks affected by perfumes or strongly scented toiletries and please refrain from bringing or wearing them.
  • Accessibility: The Hacket Middle School is wheelchair accessible. There are ramps from the outside to the basement as well as the ground level floor. Inside the building, one elevator on the SW corner of the building brings you from the basement to the ground level to the second floor where the concert and keynote takes place. If you need to ride the elevator instead of the stairs, please request an elevator key at registration. There are also accessible bathrooms in the building.