People's Music Network

for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

Local PMN Song Swaps

A number of local PMN members are hosting regular song and poetry swaps in different cities. If you’d like to join a song swap in one of the following cities, please get in touch with the organizer. If you’d like to start a song swap in your city that is affiliated with PMN, please contact Ben Grosscup <>.

Hartford, CT: Meetinghouse Sing-Along!

Maggie Greene, Fred Louis,  and Ed Savage are offering an opportunity to CT Singing families, Peoples Music Network singers, song-writers and audience members to join in song with acoustic instruments on the second Saturday of each month from 2 to 5 PM. We will have song-sheets and some copies of the Rise Up Singing and Rise Again songbooks available. Bring along your own ‘Rise Up Singing’ if you have one, as we have used it a lot in other months.   We bring a little juice drink and herbal teabags and gratefully enjoy any other snacks you might choose to bring.

How does this work ?   It is not  an “open mike” event, although solos are welcomed.  We’ll put some chairs in a circle and take turns singing or playing, with those who know the tune or words joining in as they wish. You can come early or come late, whatever fits your family schedule. The UU Meeting House is at 50 Bloomfield Avenue in Hartford near the University of Hartford. Signs inside the door will direct you to the sing-along room.
Contacts: Maggie Greene or Fred Louis  860-223-2407 or Ed Savage 860-966-8155 (mobile) and Meeting House Sings on Facebook.

New York City, NY: Final Fridays Song/Poetry Circle

When: Final Friday of the Month, 8:00 – 10:00 pm

Where: Hostelling International, 891 Amsterdam Ave on NYC’s Upper West

Contact: Michael Glick <>