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08/05/2021 9:51 AM | Chris "Oledude" Owens

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Social justice and environmental concerns are eternal, but, unfortunately, in today’s society the creators of relevant art are not as visible as “popular” creators and they are usually underappreciated. I am a songwriter and political activist.  I have been a PMN member since 1984.  I have founded ARTivistUS to empower the many super-talented individuals I have met — and will meet — whose work deserves more attention at the local, national and international levels.

All creators need resources to live and pursue their creativity, and ARTivistUS will enable these special folks to continue that pursuit regardless of class, age, gender identification, race, ethnicity, or any other demographic factor.  We are officially launching on September 1 and are limiting our Year 1 client roster to 10.  The current client roster includes Chris Oledude, Geoffrey Owens, Dr. Wendy Ward, Judy Gorman, Mike Glick, Lindsey Wilson and Barry Oreck.

The name “ARTivistUS” unites the artist with the activist … and with all of us. Each of us cares about our family members, our friends, our nation and our world. Filmmaker Ken Burns said it simply: ‘The thing that I’ve learned is that there is no “them.” It’s just us.’ Artists speak to our heart and there are always audiences for art that reflects desired improvements in the human condition.

The “artivist’s” challenge is eternal: “How do I connect with ‘us’”? ARTivistUS has stepped forward to make those connections. The modus operandi of ARTivistUS is to harness the transformative power of art to promote awareness, provoke dialogue and, ultimately, catalyze meaningful social and structural change within American society and worldwide.

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