People's Music Network

for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

Videos from Past Gatherings

We have an ever growing treasure trove of videos from past PMN Gatherings on the PMN Youtube Channel! Even from afar, you can get a sense of the gathering’s music, if not the camaraderie and love of PMN’s vibrant community. Thanks to videographer, George Aguiar, for the work he’s been doing to create this valuable video resource!

PMN Winter Gathering in Greenfield, MA (January 27-29, 2017)

Round Robin – 74 videos of individual performances!

Friday Concert: January 27, 2017 — See all the performances in two segments (FIRST ACT: Gloria Matlock; Maurice “Soulfighter” Taylor; Two of a Kind; Dilson Hernandez and Ren; Evan Greer; The Amandla Chorus; SECOND ACT: Lindsey Wilson; Moonlight and Morningstar; Joshua Garcia; The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble)

Plenary & Workshops

  • PLENARY: Building Institutions Beyond our Lifetime for Cultural Work & Self-Organization
  • Hip Hop Culture: Bridging the Generations – Fruit of Labor
  • Courage and Hope Sing Along – Annie Patterson, Matt Emmer, Peter Blood, Sandy Robson
  • Copper! 1917: WWI and the War on Labor – Charlie King & Candace Cassin
  • Using a Music Tour for On The Ground Organizing – Fruit of Labor
  • Strategies to Integrate Songs in People’s Movements – Ben Grosscup

PMN Summer Gathering, Tolland, MA (June 3-5, 2016)

  • Round Robin – 62 videos of individual performances! RR
  • Friday Concert: June 3, 2016 — See all the performances in two segments (First Act: Sarah Underhill, Luis Cortes, Letitia VanSant; Second Act: Annie and Jonny Rosen, Luci Murphy, Joe Jencks)
  • Workshops – Here are the 5 workshops we recorded:wkshp

    • What Makes Activist Music Powerful? – Hudson Valley Sally
    •  Song & Poetry Jam Against Police Brutality & Mass Incarceration – Ángel L. Martínez, Carlos Raúl Dufflar, Luci Murphy, Letitia Vansant, Professor Louie
    • Making The Most of Your Voice – Joe Jencks
    • Songwriting: On Purpose, Be’Cause’ – Jane Fallon
    • Songs of Our Ancestors: The Carter Family & Leadbelly – joeDeborah Silverstein and Mike Glick
  • Plenary with Joe Jencks “Songs in The Key of Life”

PMN Winter Gathering in Albany, NY (January 29-31, 2016)

  • Round Robin – 51 videos of individual performances!
  • Friday Concert: January 29, 2016 — See all the performances in two segments (First Act: KAY OLAN, CHARLIE KING, BEN GROSSCUP, AMANI OLUGBALA, TAINA ASILI; Second Act: THE PEACE POETS, RUTH PELHAM, JOE JENCKS)
  • Workshops
    • A Living Tradition: IWW Songs in Progressive Unionism Today – Greg Giorgio
    • Give Each Song Your Best: More Roses, Please – Joe Jencks
    • Songwriting for Transformation – Joe Jencks
    • Power of Song: Building Solidarity from Within – Elise Bryant & Pamela Larson
    • What’s New in Nueva Canción – Colleen Kattau, Melanie Pores & Luis Cortes
    • The Accordion for Non-Accordionists – Paul Stein
  • PLENARY: Wisdom of the Elders (Charlie King, Bev Grant and Elise Bryant)

PMN Winter Gathering in Greenfield, MA (January 23-25, 2015)

  • Workshops – We video recorded 4 of the 33 workshops from the Gathering:
    • Song Leading Made Simple, Reggie Harris
    • Songs of the Spanish Civil War
    • Family Concert, Two of a Kind (David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans), Sarah Pirtle, & Ruth Pelham
    • Music and Civil Rights: Past, Present and Future, Kim and Reggie Harris & Jonathan Kligler