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PMN Educational Conference Calls

The 2016 PMN Artist-in-Residence, Joe Jencks, is offering a series of free and open-access conference calls for people using music as a tool of social change. Each call is a 1 hour discussion in which Joe will present on a specific topic that is particularly relevant to working musicians. People’s Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle is sponsoring these educational call-in sessions as a way to share skills and insights within our community of musicians and activists and to keep up connections within the community in between our biannual in-person gatherings. Access to the conversation is free and pre-registration is not required.

Independent Booking – Up Your Game
Monday, May 23
8:00pm-9:00pm (EST)

CALL-IN INFORMATION: Dial-in Number: (712) 451-0011;  Access Code: 969124
Access the chat function here.

 If calling-in from outside the U.S., find access numbers here.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: In this hour-long teleconference, Joe Jencks will lead a discussion about effective practices and protocols to help independent artist/activists be more effective in booking gigs and concerts. How do you present yourself on paper, online, or in recorded form? How do you make cold calls? How do you follow up? When are you being professional and when are you being a pest? How do you nurture more long-term relationships with presenters, venues, and organizations? How do you take good care of those relationships? How do you engage in best practices to avoid unexpected issues at the event, concert, or gig? What will always be unknowable, and how do you remain prepared and flexible in your thinking?Our music is needed in the world, but the heart of the matter is that not everyone wants to hear the prophetic voice. The real question to ask is: who is already inclined to need and support this kind of music? And how do we help them enhance their event, workshop, rally, or community by the talents we have to give?

TECHNOLOGY NOTE: During the presentation, all phone lines will be muted, but you can ask questions to conference organizer,, by e-mail or by using the chat link. During the Q and A period, you will be given the opportunity to unmute yourself by pressing *6.

Recordings of Past Conference Calls