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Housing Request Letter- 2015 PMN Winter Gathering in Greenfield, MA

Dear Greenfield area singers, songwriters, rabblerousers, and lovers of folk music,

The People’s Music Network (PMN) annual winter gathering will take place at Greenfield Middle School over the last full weekend of January 2015. PMN is a network of musicians, songwriters, music lovers, performers, teachers, DJs, producers, and promoters whose artistry is rooted in political and social activism. We use music and culture to promote progressive ideas and values. We’re committed to working with and supporting grassroots and community organizations, to explore and celebrate the diversity of people’s culture. We learn from our communities and each other and we have fun doing it! The Gathering is a weekend event which moves around the country, so it is exciting that it is happening in our area, and that veteran folk artists Kim & Reggie Harris will be heading up a rousing line-up of performers for our Friday night (Jan. 23) public concert!  We humbly apologize if you are receiving multiple versions of this e-mail.  It’s a big job to merge the many lists of folks we are hoping to reach.

–       We hope many of you may join us for all or part of the weekend.  Please click the link to the PMN website for details about the event, including registration information.

–       As many out-of-towners will be descending on Greenfield for the Gathering, we are seeking folks that are willing to provide sleeping space for two nights in their homes for attendees, from Friday January 23-Sunday January 25.

–       All meals, including breakfast, are included as part of the programming, so there is no expectation of providing food for someone staying in your home. This event generally runs all day, from early in the morning until late in the evening, so you may not even see much of your guest(s), unless you attend the weekend yourself.

–       Your offer of home hospitality could very well enable someone to attend who might not otherwise be able to afford to do so. We’re especially looking for housing which is on a bus line or within a 10-20 minute drive from Greenfield, but please respond if you live within a 30 minute commute.

–       We are serving as housing coordinators and would love to receive, by January 9, your offer of housing. Please fill out the form below and email it to at your earliest convenience. Alternately, you can print and mail it to Lynn Waldron, 71 Solar Way Greenfield MA 01301. The more detailed the information we get on the form and the earlier we receive it, the better chance we have of making a “good fit” match between you and one or more of our wandering minstrels.

Thank you,

Arjuna Greist & Lynn Waldron

Home Stay Offer Form

Home/Host Information



Phone Number:                                                     Email:

How many off-street parking spaces do you have available for a guest to use?

Are you on a busline? How far of a walk are you from Greenfield Middle School?

How far of a drive?

How accessible is your home, for folks with mobility issues?


Do you have pets, how many and what kind?

Do you have kids?

Are you OK with hosting kids?

Are you planning to attend the gathering? If so, are you willing/able to transport your guests?

Are you planning to attend the Friday night concert, where most people meet up with their hosts?


Do you have any special circumstances, restrictions, or requests we should know about? (Gender preferences, chemical sensitivities, smoking rules, allergies, silence needed after a certain time of night, snoring, etc.)



I can provide sleeping space for _____ people. My home is available on Friday ____ Saturday ____ Both _____


What type of sleeping accommodations do you have to offer? Please list type and number, for example, “one double futon, plus room on the floor,” “one queen bed,” or “two single couches, one single cot, one double air mattress.”

Are these sleeping spaces in a common area, like a living room, or a more private area, like a guest room or den?


Questions, comments, or concerns: