People's Music Network

for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

2015 Summer Gathering Logistics

LOCATION: The PMN Summer Gathering has a new (and much bigger) home in 2015: Camp Echo located at 210 Echo Rd, Bloomingburg, NY. The camp is in Sullivan County, about 25 miles West of Newburgh and 80 miles North of New York City.

FOOD: The registration price includes all meals with Vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous options (Friday dinner, Saturday. breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening treats, and Sunday Breakfast and lunch).

Dorm Room at Camp EchoACCOMMODATIONS: The registration price also includes overnight accommodations, with options to stay in a dorm or set up a tent. There is abundant rustic, indoor, dormitory-style cabin space available. The one pictured on the left is an example. We have one building, “Varsity Hall”, which contains 16 small rooms with 4-5 bunks each. We also have an additional 16 cabins, each of which sleep up to 15 people. We don’t expect to fill up all 300 beds. Campers will use showers in the nearest cabin of their choice. Indoor spaces are wheelchair accessible. If you have special requirements, please indicate them on the registration form. No linens are provided, so please bring your own bedding. Also, cabins are not air-conditioned, so consider bringing a small fan to stay cool in the event of hot weather.

HOTELS: If you prefer to stay off site, some accommodations in the vicinity of Camp Echo are:

  • Harvest Inn Motel, 95 Boniface Drive, Pine Bush, NY 845-744-5700 (14 Minutes)
  • Pine Bush House Bed and Breakfast, 215 Maple Avenue, Pine Bush, NY 845-744-3641 (12 Minutes)
  • Howard Johnson Hotel, 551 Rte 211 East/I-84, Middletown, NY 845-342-5822 (19 Minutes)
  • Holiday Inn Middletown-Goshen, 68 Crystal Run Road, Middletown, NY 845-343-1474 (20 Minutes)
  • Microtel Inn & Suites, 19 Crystal Run Crossing, Middletown, NY 845-692-0098 (21 Minutes)
  • Courtyard Marriott, 24 Crystal Run Crossing, Middletown, NY 845-695-0606 (21 minutes)
  • Hampton Inn, 20 Crystal Run Crossing, Middletown, NY 845-344-3400 (21 minutes)
  • Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, 1195 Arrowhead Road, Ellenville, NY 845-210-3148 (23 Minutes)
CHILDCARE: Childcare is provided at no extra cost as part of registration. In order to plan for their care and activities, children must be registered by May 24, 2015. Please do not show up with unregistered children. When you are using childcare, make sure to sign your child in and out. Parents must serve at least one work shift in the childcare area. To ensure the safety of all, children under the age of 13 years are required to be supervised at all times, either with their parent(s) or enrolled in the childcare that is provided by PMN. We want every child to have a positive and enjoyable experience at the PMN gathering.


  • A fan to keep cool in your cabin (cabins are not air-conditioned).
  • BEDDING/ SLEEPING BAGS and PILLOWS are a MUST! (There is no linens or bedding provided by the camp)
  • Anything musical: instruments, tape recorders, recordings, songbooks to swap or sell.
  • Other: flashlights, frisbees, gloves, bats, and balls etc. The camp is in a wooded area: be aware that this is an area where you may find Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks. Protect yourself with the least toxic, least scented, earth-friendly insect repellent that you can; wear long sleeves, socks and long pants; and check yourself for the small ticks after walking through weedy or grassy areas.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: pets, alcohol, or illegal substances. Also do not bring any peanut product as Camp Echo is a peanut-free facility.

SMOKING: There is no smoking allowed at Camp Echo. If you smoke, you need to do it off the camp property.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you use a wheelchair or motorized vehicle to get around, Camp Echo has some accessibility issues that may affect your plans to attend the gathering. If you need accommodation for accessibility, please call or email the accessibility coordinator, Sally Campbell, 646-498-4175, <>, who can help with those issues.

CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES: Be aware of folks affected by perfumes or strongly scented toiletries and please refrain from bringing or wearing them.

SWIMMING: We may have access to the camp’s lakefront beach for part of the weekend.

WiFi AVAILABILITY: Wireless internet connection will be available around the camp office. It may also be available in the Dining Hall.